15th Anniversary JAPAN Drugstore Show 2015 Photo Gallery

We Added a photo gallery of OHYAMA booth in the “15th Anniversary JAPAN Drugstore Show 2015″, held at Makuhari Messe on March 13 to 15.

The visited buyer or customers , please use the photos well for the check the new products and others were displayed.

If you can not visited, we think that you can feel the atmosphere of the event days.

You can visit the Photo Gallery from “Continue reading →“.

Concept CG of OHYAMA booth
The Concept CG of OHYAMA booth. Design theme this year is “Cosmetic Forest”.
It was inspired by the silhouette of groves. We have displayed attractive products in this season as if flowered and fruited trees.

The Whole View

The “Cosmetic Forest” design faithfully reproduced the concept CG.

A white pendant light and some flower balls made with artificial flower petals are arranged in upper truss.

There are round shelves on the two structural posts on both sides of the main pole inspired by a big tree installed in front of the center part. And some display stands look like a tree stump are setting on right and left asymmetrically.

The table top of the display stands are separated into some colors based on CI logo of OHYAMA to accentuate booth design in tones of white.

Two LCD displays for digital signage are setted on the top of main sign, and the passage in the booth are designed more wider than last year to move easily.

15th Anniversary JAPAN Drugstore Show 2015 OHYAMA Booth Layout

New Products (Around the main Pole)

The new brands and new products on the spring and summer season 2015, selected with confidence by OHYAMA are located around the main pole.

They are displayed with the various tools prepared by each manufacturers to reproduce the atomosphere of real store.

Brand Shelves

There are two slant setted island furnitures for our main brands and products on both sides of OHYAMA booth.

Especially two major Korean brands “MISSHA” and “TONYMOLY” display the new products already launched in its own country but not sold in Japan as reference.

What enormous visual impact a pile of “TONYMOLY Face Pack” looks like a gold bar !

Left side

Right side

SMD proposal

This is merchandise proposal on the theme “Welcome to JAPAN” consisted of “Inbound” products at the height of overseas tourist’s popularity.

For example, cosmetics contain Japanese-made ingredients such as horse oil, clay of Mt. Fuji, spa water and sake, sheet masks designed illustrated character and ukiyoe, grooming goods fine finished by cutler craftsmen, and so on.

The shelves are very full of “explosive bought” products.


Wide merchandise consists of five shelves including newest and most popular products mainly base-make and eye-make launched from various manufacturers such as “EyeMix” and “L.A. COLORS”.

Especially the new product of “D.U.P” is the most notable, so they will invest in advertisement on TV from the end of May. The presence is very suitable for the center of upper shelf.

Moreover, two major brands “dodo” and “PGT (Palgantong)” are displayed on the end of brand shelves both sides.

Cosmetic goods / Nail / Oral care

Self-design nail art is recognized as a hobby, and relational goods such as nail seal and line stone is launching with new design every season, every year. Because they are necessary category as other consumables makeup goods.

In addition, beautiful white teeth make more attractive the smiling face with lovely makeup !

The sachets type “Gekiochi-kun”, wiping cloth for teeth will be launched as OHYAMA original soon. It is just a rival for popular teeth sponge “Polyrin Cube”.

Etiquette care + Body care

After Downy boom in the late of 2010’s, various fabric softeners were launched as “perfume for clothes” by major companies such as P&G, LION, Kao and Unilever. And now, small enterprises enter the market, too.

But at the same time, there are considerable number of “non-smell lovers”, the demand for “deep home care for clothes” such as sterilizer and bleach.

OHYAMA propose the “fragrance management” remove a nasty smell and put on a good fragrance as if remove unnecessary horny layer or stains and give moisture to your body.

Body care + Skin care (In the booth)

Many different kinds of brand-new products are launcing into the body care category also this season.

There are some “mix-merchandise” brand which have body care and skin care items such as “EO” and “MAMA BUTTER”.

In addition, there are many “multi-usage” items which can use face and body, so the difference between body care and skin care is borderless.

For that reason, if you remember various keywords such as season, parts care, sliming, in bath, out bath, family, natural and so on, it is the category stretch your imagination to create colorful and happy space.

Skin care (Passage side)

In skin care category, more functional, more reliable and safety products are increasing this season. For example made with high quality ingredients such as EGF of high purity and Proteoglycan, or preservativeless at a carry-over level.

Big size products are used to be supported as lavishly daily use items of domestic consumption, now they are changing its position to “Inbound” products for overseas tourists.

Oh yes, “Hechima Cologne®” a most precious brand for us secretly appearls its 100th anniversary in multi-linguals !

Hair care

In bath hair care is the category monopolized by major companies, so we select carefully the able minority products.

The characteristic products specialized for niche demand like aging trouble such as gray hair, faded hair, dry hair and frizz. They have no relation to price competition.

Helth goods

With an increase of health conscious people, various health goods are launched, now we can enjoy home care from head to toe with these everyday. Not only reasonable price, but also humorous idea and design is very attractive.

They are often attracted the media and sometimes cause a boom, so they are not only goods for trouble care but also goods for create the shop with good sense.

And they are in stable demand for present such as mother’s day, father’s day, and Respect-for-the-Aged Day.

Hands-on counter

We prepare the hands-on counter in each end of the island fixture.

The best way to know the attraction of specialized new products is tryout. For example, more easy and more convenience all in one gel from “GELIST”, gel nail base coat removable without acetone remover “Pera Base”.

Especially, super long-time seller enzyme face pack “HOLLYWOOD Orchid” and 30-seconds lift up facial care “Herbal Lifty Spray” counters are always crowded because demonstrating beside the main passage.