Floor Guide

Office building of OAT HOLDINGS group
integrated in Nihombashi Hamacho.

Floor Information (2020)
Head office of OHYAMA had been shifted to Nihombashi Hamacho in October 2010 to prepare for business expansion in the near future.

December 2018, affiliated companies of OAT HOLDINGS moved in same building, and office integration project was completed in January 2019.

It brings synergy effect in cosmetic business by increasing density of communication quality between group companies with open design office layout.

We have to improve business efficiency to ask what is prime of life to the public with creating a better working environment, more friendly for employees, more comfortable for customers. Thank you.

The second floor is rent for nursery school “AIAI” from October 2019.


Office floor of OAT HOLDINGS, holding company of our group.

There are general affairs division, financial affairs division and system division.

In addition, there are two reception rooms and conference room suitable for explanatory meeting or training.
[7F] Sub Conference Room
[7F] Reception Rooms


[Floor Sign] OHYAMA
Main office of east Japan sales division and merchandising division of OHYAMA.

We renew the floor layout in January 2019 to respond increasing the staff with business expandion, add the desk and widen aisles easy to move.

This is just the core place of OAT HOLDINGS group always crowded with our business partners.

[5F] Conference Room / Meeting Space

[Floor Sign] Conference Room
We open almost all of the 5th floor space for conference and business meeting.

Main conference room can accommodate over 100 guests. And we place two small conference rooms and reception room for formal occasions.

In addition, there are six meeting spaces for casual conversation of business and stock room of office equipment.
[5F] Main Conference Room
[5F] Reception Room / Conference Room

[4F] a and t Co.,Ltd. / nexans

[Floor Sign] a and t Co.,Ltd.
Office floor of a and t, distributing more extensive products nothing but cosmetics in OAT HOLDINGS group.

You can have a casual business meeting at sofa space in the left side of entrance.

Moreover, some space of this floor is the office of nexans, as cosmetic manufacturer in Japan.
[4F] a and t Co.,Ltd.

[3F] International Cosmetics, Inc.

[Floor Sign] International Cosmetics, Inc.
International Cosmetics is the cosmetic importer in OAT HOLDINGS group.

Their business is a highly specialized and every staff are required more concentration. So we designed desk layout sitting in a circle three persons.

In the same floor, we set up a café-like refresh room and a napping room for lunch and break, too.
[3F] International Cosmetics, Inc.

[1F] OHYAMA Showroom

[Floor Sign] OHYAMA Showroom
First floor is Showroom of OHYAMA. You can operate “StoreManager”, an industry standard sales virtual merchandising simulator here.

Floor space of ​​the showroom is about 200 square meters. We arrange miscellaneous products are assorted by manufacturer or poplar brands.

There are table set for 10 persons and few display fixtures for small scale merchandising simulation with real articles.
[1F] OHYAMA Showroom (2019)