Introducing two major hair care brands from AmorePacific

In April, OHYAMA start to deal “espoir” make up products with AmorePacific, the biggest cosmetic manufacturer in Korea.

And now, we decide to introduce two major hair care brands of AmorePacific, “amos PROFESSIONAL” and “mise en scène” in Japan.

The “amos Professional” is special brand for hair salon. It focuses on carefully selected ingredients and techniques to provide solutions for achieving the ideal hair that is as refined as returning from hair salon.

On the other hand, “mise en scène” is mass distribution brand. It has sales of about 20 billion yen per year.

And the out-bath treatment “Original Serum”, has sold about 6 million pieces per year (1 piece per five seconds !) and has been selected the best-selling product in the Korean hair care market for eight consecutive years.

The timing and terms of introduction vary with each brands , please contact your sales staff for details. Thank you.


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It’S SKIN Prestige Lip Treatment

It'S SKIN Prestige Lip TreatmentOur affiliate company, International Cosmetics, Inc. will launch 2 colors of “Prestige Lip Treatment” from Korean cosmetic brand “It’S SKIN”.

“It’S SKIN Prestige Lip Treatment” is sold about 20 USD in Korea and well known product which have double performance value for money as famous French brand !

2016, OHYAMA have dealt 4 kinds of “It’S SKIN Baby Face Stick Tint” as trial sales. Of course, This items will be launched as regular line-up.

In addition, we realize better cost performance 1,400 JPY (excluding tax) supported by It’S SKIN Co. Ltd.

Please look forward to the launch date on Feburuary 8th. Thank you.

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The origin of natural cosmetic brand “herbacin” from Germany

We are going to launch a new brand “herbacin” products from Germany, sold in 20 countries around the world.

Herbacin cosmetic GmbH was established in 1905, and now the “herbacin” is known as the origin of natural cosmetic in Germany, a great nation of organic cosmetics.

In those days, two pharmacists created a new care formula inspired from the heart of nature Thuringia, deep green forests and flowering meadows in Eisenach, Germany.

Herbacin cosmetics are known for tradition and experience, and produced at own production facilities and research labs in Germany for customers all over the world.

We select carefully 6 kamille (chamomile) items from a wide lineup in Germany. Please look forward to the launch date on November 10th. Thank you.
herbacin kamille first 6 items

The brand-new “Zero Frizz®” will be relaunched soon !

Zero Frizz® (2014)
“Zero Frizz®” is the long-time seller hair care series focus on the major hair trouble “Frizz”.

It will be relaunched into Japanese market with brand-new design !

We prepare 3 items, the soft and light feeling hair shiner “Glossing Spray” made by non-silicone formula, and 2 types of new out-of-bath treatment “Corrective Hair Serum” for various type of hair conditions and damages.

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Limited new shades of “GELIST” soak off color gel, midsummer 2014

Our affiliate company, International Cosmetics, Inc. has launched the new shades of “GELIST” soak off color gel as a limited version of this midsummer.

GELIST” is an innovative LED Gel Nail System. It became very popular by the amazing speed, it hardens in only 10 seconds.

Vivid, juicy and fruity new shades will dress up your fingertip. Especially you enjoy the all-white coordinate, a fashion trend of this year, it looks very nice.

It adopted a mini bottle the same as the limited color in the fall and winter of 2013. By the small capacity than the regular shades, we have to set affordable price of ¥1,080 (tax included).

This is the limited product, we recommend you to order as soon as possible. Thank you.

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GELIST midsummer 2014 Limited new shades