“Tokigawa Komachi” spray lotion made from 100% natural spa water

Tokigawa Komachi (image)
OHYAMA is going to start distributing the 100% natural spa water spray lotion “Tokigawa Komachi” produced by Japanese-style spa hotel “Tokigawa” in Hiki-gun, Saitama Prefecture.

“Tokigawa Komachi” contains the origin of “Tokigawa spa” water and its pH (hydrogen ion concentration) is 11.3.

It is well-known spa which has the highest pH value in Japan, especially by spa mania.

There are similar producs produced by famous spa place in Japan such as Gero Spa (Gifu), Dogo Spa (Ehime), Shima Spa (Gunma), Bandai-Atami Spa (Fukushima) and “Avène” in the South of France.

But “Tokigawa Komachi” is made from “No.1 alkaline hot spring water in Japan”. So it has the highest individuality suitable for “OHYAMA original”.

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“COCONUT NAILS” website now available

Our affiliate company, International Cosmetics, Inc. has launched the new “COCONUT NAILS” brand website (in Japanese).

“COCONUT NAILS” is innovative nail polish of an entirely new category.

It designed based on the technology of “Incoco® Nail Polish Applique”, just sold 350 thousand pieces in one year in 2013. It was a hot topic of hit products in Japan.

Of course, “COCONUT NAILS” has given same quality as “Incoco®”, but reasonable price to observe OHYAMA’s “Value Added” philosophy.

Say goodbye to the drying time, smudges, and streaks of liquid nail polish !

“COCONUT NAILS” will overturn all the general knowledge of traditional manicure methiod.

In “14th Annual JAPAN Drugstore Show 2014″ last month. it was the focus of attention of the media companies as “Time Reduction” item suitable for busy women.

Please look forward to the launch date on May 7th. Thank you.

[Site URL] http://coconutnails.jp/

COCONUT NAILS | Beauty Meets Innovation