Specialized and reliable “Made in Japan” products
brings “Value-Added” concept to the store.

Recently many manufacturers shift their producing location to foreign country, but confidence to “Made in Japan” products is in still higher standard, of course cosmetics too.

Comparing with global standard, there are many unique categories and products in Japanese cosmetic market, not exists in another coutry.

Once the double-eyelid makeup belonged that, recently self-use gel nail kit and home-use facial machine is in great demand mainly at Asian countries.

OHYAMA locates in central Tokyo with 200 manufacturers and suppliers, besides 15,000 SKU health and beauty products. The fact is our great advantage.

The Popular Brands Overseas

The “OHYAMA original” brands get a favorable reception in overseas markets listed below.

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My mother is “KARREN”, born in 1933.
Spred to the world from Roppongi, Tokyo.
It’s indispensable to make eye zone beauty.

Hechima Cologne®

Born in 1915, 100th anniversary soon.
The original natural skincare.
Gives your skin moisture and enrichment.


Total cosmetic brand produced by
the most popular fashion model “Masuwaka Tsubasa”.


Beautiful “Red Box” born in Korea, grow in Japan.
The strongest cosmetics originated stage makeup.