To the Foreign Market

Export to the growing foreign market
unique and high quality beauty products.

In 2008, OHYAMA decide to respond to hot needs from foreign countries, Special Sales Department was organized and engaging in export business to Asian countries (Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia) and U.S. and sales result rose 80% from a year ago.

In the nearest future, we will export not only products, but also merchandising know-how and effective directions accumlated from established year, 1921.

And we will promote it as Japan original cosmetic culture for foreign retailers and consumers through the “value added” distribution network under constructing.

Sales Results of OHYAMA for export [2020]

OHYAMA Originals Go Overseas

Japanese Cosmetics Event in Sinkou MITSUKOSHI Takao (Taiwan)

Cocoh Cosme
From the end of October 2013, cosmetic dealer “Cocoh Cosme” held Xmas event of direct imported Japanese cosmetics in Sinkou MITSUKOSHI Takao.

It was very crowded because of lavish sampling and trial use and earned favorable reviews from store owner.

In the beginning, the term should be ended until Xmas, but it had been extended to February 2014 !

Hechima Cologne Original Gift (Taiwan)

Cocoh Cosme
“Hechima Cologne” basic skin care set (contains 4 items) with cute red ribbon hand made by Cocoh Cosme.

OHYAMA support to keep down the price will not to be too expensive compared with the price in Japan.

For the purpose, we were in severe negotiation with the manufacturer, again and again.

Japanese Cosmetics Event in Odate Department Store Takao (Taiwan)

November 2013, Japanese cosmetics fair in Odate Department Store Takao (Kaohsiung), southern district in Taiwan.

Sales staffs wore beautiful kimono and “happi coat”, the traditional Japanese costume for festival.

Japanese cosmetics are not only a means of their business. We had just convinced they love it as the Japanese culture.

Super Girls Festa 2013 (Taiwan)

Super Girls Festa 2013
March 30th, 2013. The biggest girl’s fashion event “Super Girls Festa” had been held in Taiwan.

OHYAMA exhibited the “KIRAAN!” cosmetics on own booth because it was the first step to make “KIRAAN!” into foreign markets.

Of course, AMIAYA joined the event and supported us earnestly. A a lot of people came to our booth, it was a great success !