“Value-Added network” spreads nation wide
with highly specialized distribution centers and affiliates

OHYAMA have set up branches strategically across the country in order to realize the direct sales and logistics to the area population is concentrated such as Nagoya, Osaka, Kyushu, Tohoku, and Hokkaido.

Now that OHYAMA is an independent commercial company, the logistics are indispensable function.

We feature a logistics center in the adjacent to the sales office in each district, to realize timely delivery.

In addition, for procurement the imported brands, an element of the “OHYAMA originals“, we hold the subsidiary (International Cosmetics, Inc.) as a trading company specializing in import.

We’re building the unique, specialized and nationwide distribution network. We called it “Value-Added network”. Import, sales and logistics are became trinity inside.

Nationwide Network of OHYAMA (2015)