Affiliate Supporters

Supporter of the value-added distribution is
special companies of logistics and imports.

It has been over 90 years since we have started business in Nihombashi, Tokyo. Although we have pursed the expertise as an cosmetics wholesale business, as long as OHYAMA is a wholesaler, logistics function is a critical part of the infrastructure.

Also to differentiate and realize our “Value-Added distribution”, we have emphasized on searching and developing imported cosmetics that are different compared to the domestic products. There are more than a few brands that became a long-seller for over 20 years.

OHYAMA trying to find the further specialization of cosmetics distribution in Japan and overseas.

For our ideal distribution, we have two subsidiary company specializing in logistics and imports, separately from the wholesale function in the core of business.



FIT EXPRESS is an independent logistic company that specializes in cosmetics and related product. Originated from what used to be OHYAMA’s logistic center.

FIT EXPRESS take charge of nationwide product distribution to over-the-counter through the distribution base establisher at the five locations in Saitama, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Sendai.

They are giving firmly support to the distribution industry behind the business scenes. Off course, they are just a member of “Value Added Distributor”, too.

And they have official license as cosmetic manufacturer [packing, labeling, storage] prescribed by Pharmaceutical Affairs Low in Japan.

factory space in FIT EXPRESS

They can also accommodate to wide range of our clients needs like 3PL*, such as ordering system and inventory control based on systemized SCM*, Web EDI, or other IT related matter in the field of logistics.

*3PL = 3rd Party Logistics : Commission to a third party company, all or part of the logistics function.
*SCM = Supply Chain Management : Method of performing efficient with computer system, such as ordering between the trading partners, material procurement, inventory management, and the efficient delivery. It make the competitiveness of commercial value (price) by the stock compression, such as lead time reduction.

Saitama Logistic Center

1-1-17 Ryutsu-danchi, Koshigaya-shi,
Saitama-ken 343-0824 JAPAN
Phone : +81-48-989-4311
FAX : +81-48-989-4321
Web Site : (Japanese)

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Saitama 2nd Logistic Center

3-1-12 Ryutsu-danchi, Koshigaya-shi,
Saitama-ken 343-0824 JAPAN
Phone : +81-48-985-1960
FAX : +81-48-985-1986

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Saitama 3rd Logistic Center

3-3-13 Ryutsu-danchi, Koshigaya-shi,
Saitama-ken 343-0824 JAPAN
Phone : +81-48-984-7146
FAX : +81-48-984-7147

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Tama Logistic Center

3-3-2 Musashino, Akishima-shi,
Tokyo 196-0021 JAPAN
Phone : +81-42-544-0661
FAX : +81-42-544-0667

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Nagoya Logistic Center

2-35-1 Hongucho-,Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi,
Aichi 455-0064 JAPAN
Phone : +81-52-652-4533
FAX : FAX:+81-52-652-4534

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Izumiotsu Logistic Center

Sakai SRC 6F
4-12 Ozushima-cho, Izumiotsu-shi,
Osaka-fu 595-0074 JAPAN
Phone : +81-725-32-6031
FAX : +81-725-32-6041

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Senri Logistic Center

5-555-1 Toyokawa, Ibaraki-shi,
Osaka-fu 567-0057 JAPAN
Phone : +81-72-640-5580
FAX : +81-72-640-5581

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Fukuoka Logistic Center

SGL Fukuoka Branch 4F
4-4-1 Ko Nakabaru, Kasuyagun Kasuyamachi,
Fukuoka-ken 811-2315 JAPAN
Phone : +81-92-957-1220
FAX : +81-92-957-1223

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Sapporo Logistic Center

Sapporo SRC
1 chome 1-15, Chuo 1jo, Sapporo-shi,
Hokkaido 003-0011 JAPAN
Phone : 011-811-8111
FAX : 011-811-8114

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Sendai Logistic Center

SGL Sendai Branchi 2F
7-5-11 Ogi-machi, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi,
Miyagi-ken 983-0034 JAPAN
Phone : 022-258-4000
FAX : 022-258-4377

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Stock Floor at FIT EXPRESS

International Cosmetics, Inc.

International Cosmetics, Inc.

International Cosmetics is a OHYAMA’s wholly owned subsidiary.

They develop the total import and sale business of unique products with full of originality mainly from Europe and U.S. as a “Cosmetic Importer”

ICI Office Entrance

In addition to importing work, marketing ability such as conducting in-store promotions and designing of advertisement material has been highly valued by our clients.

Main products are “Agree”, “GELIST”, “Lever 2000®”, “DermOrganic®”, “ZeroFrizz®” and so on.

Recently, they have a wide sphere of activity with increasing to enter into cosmetics business from other industries, such as representation import practices of major retailers’ PB products.

Location of International Cosmetics, Inc.

Nihombashi PLAYA Bldg. 3F
1-9-12 Nihombashi Hama-cho, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 103-0007 JAPAN
Phone : 03-5825-7588
FAX : 03-3861-7667
Web Site : (Japanese)

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