Foreign Offices

Overseas offices placed local staff
to meet the expanding demand in Asian area directly.

2008, OHYAMA established a foreign office and specialized sales team (Special Sales Department) to meet strong request from the two companies in Taiwan.

This is the beginning of earnest export business of cosmetics made ​​in Japan.

At first, we supplied only two products* for the mail order channel as new business collaborated with a general trading company in Japan (ITOCHU Corporation).

But both of products gave us such an actual results that sold several tens of thousands pieces out, the fact prove certain demand for “Made in Japan” products.

And now, various products are sold at the store through some local distributors.

* “Chlorophyl bodysoap (discontinued)” and “Kamiketsu-Sukkiri hair soap”.

The end of 2011, we established Singapore office with two local staff. And from 2012, we began in earnest supplying products to Thailand Partnership with drugstore (TSURUHA drug) in Japan.

In addition, we launched “OHYAMA original” for Thailand and it was growing in the hit product to sell several hundreds of thousands pieces.

2014, we will send a Japanese staff to Thailand as the resident. He will perform a good job in order to respond immediately to the foreign demand showing a further rise.

Taiwan Showroom

Taiwan Showroom
Established in 2008. This is the First step of our entry into a fast-growing Asian market.

OHYAMA supplies trendy cosmetics in Japan and collects local marketing data supported with a Japanese agent in residence and few partner companies (wholesaler and retailer).

Recently, “OHYAMA originals” makeup brand (made in Korea) was launched into dozens of stores in Taiwan at the same time, borderless business is expanding from here.


12F-6, Far Eastern Central ABC Building, No.17, Sec.1, Chengde Rd., Taipei,
Taiwan R.O.C.

Phone : +886-2-2550-2525
FAX : +886-2-2550-2500

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With the rise of income level in Thailand, consumption behavior of middle-income group is rapidly boosted.

They also have a strong interest in Japanese cosmetics. And in recent years, Japanese drugstores are trying to expand into Thailand one after another.

February 2015, we established “SIAM OHYAMA” for realization of smooth product supply to Thailand.

A loaned executive from head office now promote value added distribution in cooperation with local staffs.

Location (moved on Oct. 16th, 2018)

4345 Bhiraj Tower at Bitec Building, 14th Floor,
Room No.1409-1410,
Sukhumvit Rd., Bangna South, Bangna, Bangkok 10260

*Directly connected Bang na station (E13) / BTS Sukhumvit Line

Phone : +66-2-117-0301 (Thai)
FAX : +66-2-117-0302
Web :

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SIAM OHYAMA Conference room