Exhibition, Negotiation and Merchandising function
coordinated into compact space

On a separate floor of our Tokyo Head Office, we host a showroom as a product information center.

The showroom recreates an actual store like atmosphere with “OHYAMA Original” products and products from our partners are displayed. Promotion displays using store fixtures are on display as well.

OHYAMA showroom is close from the subway station, and accessable from each district of Tokyo.

There should be a new discovery if you visit here in a little interval of busy days.

OHYAMA Showrroom (2019)

Showroom Guidance

Showroom image wallside (2019)
The wall fixtures installed in the three directions of the showroom, miscellaneous products are assorted by manufacturer or brand such as skin care, makeup, variety goods, health goods and so on.

And the island furniture placed on the floor, a lot of products are displayed assuming the regular assortment of real store by category, for example makeup, hair care, facial care, bath & body care, oral care, etc.

It brings you an exciting experience and new discovery with merchandise focus on “OHYAMA originals”.

Floor space of ​​the showroom is about 200 square meters, it’s not so large.

However, we are proud to be condensed proposals at each corner of our showroom, you can apply smoothly into the real store.

Merchandising Work with StoreManager

In the showroom, we hold a meeting space and conference room. In the rooms are 2 computers with “StoreManager”, an industry standard sales merchandising simulation software, installed.

So we provide “One Stop Buying” where it is easy to hold meeting, select products, and also conduct shelf management.

Also Internet connection through wireless LAN is provided throughout the floor.

OHYAMA Showrroom 2 (2019)