The origin of natural cosmetic brand “herbacin” from Germany

We are going to launch a new brand “herbacin” products from Germany, sold in 20 countries around the world.

Herbacin cosmetic GmbH was established in 1905, and now the “herbacin” is known as the origin of natural cosmetic in Germany, a great nation of organic cosmetics.

In those days, two pharmacists created a new care formula inspired from the heart of nature Thuringia, deep green forests and flowering meadows in Eisenach, Germany.

Herbacin cosmetics are known for tradition and experience, and produced at own production facilities and research labs in Germany for customers all over the world.

We select carefully 6 kamille (chamomile) items from a wide lineup in Germany. Please look forward to the launch date on November 10th. Thank you.
herbacin kamille first 6 items

The new fragrance of “Agree”, “Premium Rich Rose Musk” is launched

Agree Fragrance Premium Rich Rose Musk Shampoo & Conditioner
Our affiliate company, International Cosmetics, Inc. has launched “Premium Rich Rose Musk” as the new fragrance of “Agree” fragrance hair care series since 1987.

It developed on “Agree Fragrance Premium” launched in 2012 with new fragrance. In addition, it compounded 7 kinds of natural essential oils.

One more thing, ultra-moisturizing ingredient “polyquaternium-51″ coats clean hair after shampooing and it will have the effect of long-lasting the new fragrance.

“Agree Premium Rich” with the fresh and glamorous fragrance “Rose Musk” is the new products up to our expectations.

Of course, it must expand the number of “Agree” lovers and newcomers. Thank you.

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16th JAPAN Drugstore Show 2016 is fihished

March 18th to 20th, OHYAMA exhibited in beauty care zone of the “16th JAPAN Drugstore Show 2016” also this year.

[Date and Location]

  • March 18th (Fri), 19th (Sat), 20th (Sun)
  • 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Makuhari Messe Halls 4,5,6,7,8

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We received a large number of visitors including our suppliers, retailers and general customers.

In addition, many many foreign customers are visiting this hot event especially this year.

We thank you from my heart.

OHYAMA booth in 16th JAPAN Drugstore show 2016

OHYAMA booth in 16th JAPAN Drugstore show 2016

Information of a new address of Sendai branch

Now we move Sendai branch to the following address, to provide for expansion of business in the Tohoku district in Japan.

By the way, phone and fax number remains the same.

We hope to receive your continued patronage. Thank you.

[ New address of Sendai branch ]
Royment Sendai Bldg. 6F
5-1-35 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi,
Miyagi 983-0852 JAPAN
Phone : +81-22-256-8966
FAX : +81-22-256-8988
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All in ONE Color Gel, need no more item from “GELIST”

Our affiliate company, International Cosmetics, Inc. has launched 12 colors of “All in ONE Color Gel” as the new product line of “GELIST”.

The conventional way of finishing gel nail, you have to use three kinds of gel, base, color and top gel after preparation.

From now on, you can put “All in ONE Color Gel” directly on your nails and harden 30 seconds by “Handy LED Light”, it will be completed !

It need triple time to harden than usual “Soak Off Color Gel”, but it don’t need to finish with “Gel Wipe Cleanser”. So you can shorten total time to finish gel nail.

And besides, you can off it easily without preparing cotton pads and aluminum foil only using “Gel Off Cream Remover”. So you can change colors more easily, more freely with minimum damage.

They renewed brand site to commemorate the launch of “All in ONE Color Gel”. Of course, it is optimized to mobile devices such as smartphone and tablet.

We will evangelize more attractive the world of “GELIST” for responsive consumers, thank you.

[Site URL] (Japanese)

GELIST All in ONE Color Gels