Products with strong character and identity
“OHYAMA Originals”

OHYAMA has developed “OHYAMA original” products by collaborating with domestic manufacturer with high quality standard. Also we have often partnered with major international manufacturer and conducting business worldwide has been our strength. We will continuously provide our client with products that they are “looking for”.

But in order to grasp the heart of discerning consumer, we need to understand every aspect of the market in terms of B-to-B and B-to-C and merchandising ability based on past experiences and marketing skills becomes necessary.

“OHYAMA originals” become the focus of media’s attention

Altough do not follow the latest fashion, and do not advertise showily, “OHYAMA originals” always become the focus of media’s attention such as magazine, books and TV.

As well as appearing in woman’s fashion magazine, cosmetics magazine, publicity in books, appearing in the men’s magazine and business magazines has increased, too. And inquiries from men is increasing rapidly.

Every products has been priced at the highest priority to be a affordable for anyone, and the products has been developed with the most of the superior technology of each manufacturers.

Inquiries from customers tends to so rush we couldn’t cope, if they disappeared from the store for reasons of changing assortment or being out of stock.

In order to reduce the retail price, cost rate will increased relatively. But we often offered a new transaction request from mail order companies including on-line shops.

Core Trilogy

Long-Time Sellers

The wide client base and nationwide distribution is incomparable. It is possible to raise steady revenue without being swayed by trends.

Domestic PBs

From OHYAMA’s consumer perspective, we improve the high quality products that our partner’s provide and package the products to a reasonable price range.

Imported Brands

To attract the hearts of the sophisticated consumers, imported brands with high premium characteristics are necessary in segmentation.

OHYAMA Originals (2015)