Domestic PBs

Profitable merchandise of high quality and reasonable price

“Domestic PB” is based the high quality product have advantage of the characteristics of each partnering manufacturers with superior technology.

Finally it will be improved with unique “consumer perspective” by OHYAMA, and packaging at a reasonable price.

For retailers, it is also a profitable merchandise that will not be in price competition, such as a national brand.

Basically, It will be distributed as OHYAMA’s monopoly. So we can build distribution and marketing to match the intent of manufacturers, for example “Variety Shop limited”, or “Store in specific area limited” and so on.

In particular, for manufacturers that are new entrants to the cosmetics industry, it is a category that will be able to accumulate the marketing know-how of cosmetics while trial selling at limited quantity.

It is a category that will give your business an advantage in the future.


Born in California, Evolved in Japan.
Long-Time Seller Fragrance Cosmetic Series for a quarter of a century.


Total cosmetic brand produced by
the most popular fashion model “Masuwaka Tsubasa”.

Medicated Bath Powder

Medicated Bath Powder
To visualize the effects for each symptoms.
Sachets type medicated bath powder.


The time-saving makeup brand for women
of charming heart
became million seller in 3 years !