Imported Brands

Premium merchandise essential for individuality

Foreign brands at a premium must surely capture the hearts of “early adopters”.

It is essential to attract customers beyond the trade area, in addition to establish individuality and differentiation from the competitors.

Not only fashion and media authorized people to pursue the cutting edge of trend, sensitive customers familiar with cosmetics such as a woman enjoy collecting cosmetics.

Also the rise of so-called “Korean cosmetics”, was strongly influenced of TV media like a Korean drama “Winter’s Sonata”.

In the past, the country of origin of foreign brands were concentrated in France and America.

Recently there is a growing interest in countries such as Germany producing in strict standards also cosmetics as well as industrial products, and African countries as a place of origin of raw materials for natural & organic cosmetics, for example Argan oil and shea butter.


High quality + Pretty design +Various colors
What’s more, wonderful Low price !

Dr. Hauschka

Dr. Hauschka
Prestige Organic Cosmetics
born in an accidental encounter with
Chemist and Beautician


The herbal brand with a long history in Germany,
well-known country for a natural cosmetic.

K-Beauty (Korean Cosmetics)

Various Korean Cosmetics,
in the limelight still now.

LUX Botanicals

LUX Botanicals
Introduce the global brand of Unilever
into Japan with own network of OHYAMA


Beautiful “Red Box” born in Korea, grow in Japan.
The strongest cosmetics originated stage makeup.