High quality + Pretty design +Various colors
What’s more, wonderful Low price !


About this Brand

“The makeup room for girls only to meet yourself something different everyday.”

Almost all women wish to turn into another woman by makeup depend on the time, place and occasion such as in the school, office and after closing, date or party and so on.

“dodo” makeup series is developed based on the main concept above to realize the wish of women.

Every women will be happy with “dodo” because there are rich items with wide variety of colors are packaged with cute and stylish design, of course at wonderful low price.

If she want to purchase favorite items and colors altogether, “dodo” is so wallet-friendly.

And now, “dodo” is rapidly producing new items to balance confortable usability and high quality to realize women’s wish and 120% satisfaction.

We want you to challenge various style makeup with full use of the various colors, and we want to you become more beautiful with “dodo”.

Added Value

“dodo” is just the brand makeup displayable with 900 or 1200 mm width acrylic resin made display on the wall. However, average price range is about 700 JPY, so we have to say it is very inexpensive.

New or limited product is launched every two monts not to bore the main target of “dodo”, fashion leader in teenager or twenties.

And we often suggest positively debut or seasonal promotion to rise frequency of visit from customers.

In addition, we advertise the new products of “dodo” by magazine and transportation advertisement, on the Web and moble medias.

“dodo” is now being watched with interest by the women not only low price but also special collaborated package design such as Sanrio characters or advertisement in a women’s magazine.

Please look forward to expansion of the line-up after this.

dodo makeup series close-up

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