Dr. Hauschka

Prestige Organic Cosmetics
born in an accidental encounter with
Chemist and Beautician

Dr. Hauschka

About this Brand

[image] Dr. Hauschka (body care)
The prestige organic cosmetics brand “Dr. Hauschka” was born in 1967.

Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, the founder of the pharmaceutical manufacturer “WALA Heilmittel” in 1935.

Elisabeth Sigmund, the beautician born in Vienna had been fascinated in cosmetics since her girlhood, and developing own skin care cosmetics in those days living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr. Rudolf thought to depelop not only medicine but also skin care cosmetics, too. Because Elisabeth ordered the raw materials of her cosmetics to WALA, Dr. Rudolf came to know about her and invite her to WALA.

About 50 years past from the accidental encounter with chemist and beautician, the natural skin care “Dr. Hauschka” is brought up the global brand loved in over 40 countries all over the world.

From 2014, OHYAMA have been engaged to reconstruct as a proper distributor of “Dr. Hauschka” in Japan.

Miraculously, it was the year 100th anniversary of the birth of Elisabeth Sigmund.

【[image] Dr. Hauschka (mask)

Added Value

All products of “Dr. Hauschka” cerfiticated by BDIH of NATRUE, use the “Bio-dynamic” grown plant essence extracted by “Rhythm method”, of course not compounded synthetic materials such as fragrances, colorings, and preservatives.

It is the prestige brand totally produce the natural life style very particular about materials and the wide-ranging items.

In addition, “Dr. Hauschka” prepare for first time customers many kinds of face and body care kits most suitable for trial.

【[image] Dr. Hauschka (body care kits)