All of Women’s Dream Comes True !
Newest Technology with Greatest Package,
High Quality Gel Nail System for Everybody.


About this Brand

“GELIST” is innovative Gel Nail System as excellent as famous brand like “Calgel”.

Brilliant shininess, transparency and toughness. With a growing recognition the advantage, Gel Nail get the main position of nail salon in the past few years.

But if you want to decorate ten fingers with Gel Nail, it need few hours of operation and it will cost about 10,000 JPY.

So there are many people gave up to continue Gel Nail due to a money question.
Recently, you can buy “Self Gel Nail Kit” in cosmetic store or online, but machinery and materials necessary for Gel Nail will cost you considerable sum of money, too.

“GELIST” LED Gel Nail System is totally new solution designed for everyone, solve the problem of conventional Gel Nails, of course easy to use.

You don’t need to search good combination of Gel and LED Light by trial and error and you can get best quality with shortest process.

Added Value

Our related company as cosmetic importer – International Cosmetics, Inc.- made the best relations with foreign and domestic manufacturers.

Four elements of handy “Starter Set” (Salon quality LED Gel, Compact LED Light, Gel Wipe Cleanser and Nail File) is outsourced to three countries and packaged in Japan.

We launched “GELIST” within only three month. It is easy to put into words, but it is probably almost impracticable scheme to other company, we say with confidence.

And besides that, “Starter Set” is priced less than 5,000 JPY, “Shine Clear” and Color Gels are 1,500 JPY (excluding tax) !

GELIST suggest a new standard of Gel Nail and many people accepted it with supreme delight.

Now, GELIST stands on unique position very very far from limitless price war expressed ‘Red Ocean’ on internet advertisements.

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Basic Items

Soak Off Color Gel (Regular Colors)

Soak Off Color Gel (Limited Colors)

All in ONE Color Gel

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