The herbal brand with a long history in Germany,
well-known country for a natural cosmetic.


About this Brand

“Herbacin” established in 1905, is known for a natural cosmetic brand with a long history over a century.

Eisenach, the central part of Germany is close proximity to deep green forests and flowering meadows.

Around 1900, two pharmacists Otto and Hedwig König had a brilliant idea of new herbal formula inspired from the wonder of nature in this place.

That is a beginning of this brand.

And now we can complete natural face, body, and hair care with natural cosmetic products in Herbacin.

Herbacin is also known as most successful family-run company in Germany. About 80 percent of sales are composed of foreign business in 20 countries.

[Map] Location of Thuringia in Germany
“Made in Germany, still stands for quality.”

The principle of brand is a reason for many people all over the world love Herbacin.

Herbacin use only carefully selected natural ingredients from certified organic cultivation.

Furthermore, they develop and produce locally in Wutha-Farnroda, the heart of a nature reserve in beautiful Thuringia.

Added Value

Unfortunately, Herbacin lovers in Japan suffered great inconvenience because export Herbacin products to Japan had been discontinued from March 2017.

However, OHYAMA become to take the import business as a new agent in Japan with full support of Herbacin Cosmetic GmbH.

November 2017, with the best selection from a wide line-up in Germany, we carefully choose 6 items and achieve to relaunch Herbacin brand in Japan.

All item contains chamomile (kamille in German) extract originated from Wutha-Farnroda, the beginning of Herbacin.

Herbacin have potential to be sold as soon as display on the shelf at all type of the store because of celebrity as long-time seller.

Of course, many Herbacin lovers in Japan must not miss a chance to purchace their favorite products again !

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