K-Beauty (Korean Cosmetics)

Various Korean Cosmetics, in the limelight still now.


About this Category

The relation between OHYAMA and Korean Cosmetics is very close, our history and results are far ahead of all others.

In 1980s, OHYAMA had been started to trade with “Pacific Chemical”, the origin of AmorePacific, the top company of Korean Cosmetics manufacturer.

From 2000s, the first Korean Cosmetics boom had came with various BB creams, after that they are evolved to second generation, CC and DD creams.

After 2015, the next generation of the Korean Cosmetics with new function , such as “Cushion Foundation” or “Tint Lips” are launched one after another and they caught on during the young women.

Added Value

Instagrammable package and novel beauty ingredients, reasonable price, in addition, manufacturing capacity responsive to huge demand.

The strong point of Korean Cosmetics are rated very highly, and “K-Beauty” is established as a keyword to select cosmetics among us.

So major cosmetics manufacturer, multinational enterprise and investment bank in Europe and America such as Estée Lauder, L’OCCITANE, LVMH and Goldman Sachs noticed the fact and started to positive invest in “K-Beauty” companies.

It is over 30 years since the first contact, OHYAMA continue to import the new brands of “K-Beauty” through our group company, International Cosmetics, Inc. and many importers in Japan.

And now, the high quality Korean Cosmetics are growing up to big category in the market throughout the world.

K-Beauty Brands

the SAEM

the SAEM

Hankook Cosmetics, established in 1962 is the biggest cosmetic manufacturer in Korea. They had cooperated with L’Oréal Group and LANCÔME in 1980s.

In 2010, they established “The Saem International Co.” and launched the new brand “the SAEM” based on their technology and know-how accumlated from foundation.

“Tip Concealer” is known to be the necessity inexpensive cosmetics by almost all of Korean women, and it created a great sensation among young women after launch in Japan.

Our group company, International Cosmetics, Inc. started import this brand in collaboration with The Saem Internationa from 2018.

Previously, it sold with bare package but we changed into box package, easy to display and control stock. Of course, it is the most suitable to purchase by self selection.

The number of sales results of “Tip Concealer” (3 colors) exceeded million after one year after start to deal.

And now, “the SAEM” become a bestseller of our products in a top position of sales.

[Product image] the SAEM

Other Brands

*There are some brands not “OHYAMA Originals” like “MISSHA”.