Beautiful “Red Box”
born in Korea and grown in Japan.
The cosmetics originated in the theater.


About this Brand

“PALGANTONG” means “Red Box” in the Korean language.

We always associate “Love”, “Passion”, and “Energy” with red color. “Palgantong” named with the passion to create cosmetic products and happy user experience started with the “Red Box”.

The origin of Palgantong is the cosmetic brand for professional only produced by opera singer, Ludwig Leichner in 1878.

Mr. Leichner was born in 1836. Besides learning pharmaceutical as a student in the University of Vienna, he worked as an intern at a pharmacy.

But his life has been reverced by mere chance, he was active in baritone opera singer.

In those days, theatrical makeup was self-made cosmetics by singer and actor. Unfortunately they have hardly knowledge about materials and formula, so they often caused serious skin trouble by using toxic ingredients.

In 1870, Mr. Leichner produced “Non-Toxic” makeup cosmetics brand without lead, although with his own pharmaceutical knowledge, a lot of experience with theatrical makeup and an inventor Mr. Hofmann. This product named “Leichner”.

As soon as launched, “Leichner” established strong reputation all over the world. It honored prize at Universal Exposition 1878 in Paris, and Berlin industrial Exposition 1879.

And in 1989, dodo company had been imported the face powder made by a secret recipe “German Formula” by Leichner as a pioneer in Asia. This is the beginning of Korean cosmetic “PALGANTONG”.

“PALGANTONG” spread to actresses by active makeup artists in Korean showbiz, and established the brand name every Korean women know.

Launch year of “PALGANTONG” in Japan was 2000. It had been the brand as “synonymous with the face powder”, everyone know also in Japan. And product development for Japanese women was started.

And now, “PALGANTONG” loved many many women as basic cosmetic brand “born in Korea, grown in Japan”.

Added Value

March 2012, PALGANTONG had renewed its package design and price to restart as a full-scale makeup brand.

This is a first step to establish the status in the makeup category by making clear brand identity of PALGANTONG with 900 or 1200mm wide merchandise on the wall.

It aims to get wide range of customers mainly fashion follower twenties and cost performer thirties.

Deep red package as an image color, wide merchandise with high quality but reasonable price. It will be accepted fashionably women of great personality, so they will come again the store and sales result will grow.

And regularly addition new and limited products with debut promotion, and seasonal promotion will help it.

Please look forward to “PALGANTONG” in the future, thank you.

PALGANTONG display close-up

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