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The history of the “POND’S”, skincare brand that is now well-known to everyone, dates back to 1846.

Theron Tilden Pond began communicating with the Native Americans who lived in his neighborhood of Utica, New York, at the time. And he noticed that witch hazel (hamamelis) extract, they called “healing tea,” cleansed the skin and effective for burns and cuts.

He learned the location and recipe of the witch hazel tree from a healing tea maker called “Medicine Man,” and began producing an extract with improved preservation and other properties.

In 1846, he founded the T.T. Pond Company to produce an extract of witch hazel named “Golden Treasure” with great fanfare and success.

After Pond’s death, it was renamed “Pond’s Extract” and became widely known as a revolutionary skin care product. It has been applied to a variety of products such as toothpaste, lip balm, and ointment, and has grown into an international brand despite the twists and turns, including the acquisition of the company by Unilever.

In 1907, a multipurpose cream “POND’s Cold Cream” was created. In the 1950s, it was launched in Japan and it became a standard item for Kabuki actors to remove their stage makeup, at last becoming a hit product everyone knows.

Added Value

In recent years, POND’s face powders manufactured in Thailand but unreleaced in Japan have been very popular as souvenirs for Japanese travelers because a very affordable price. But it have become difficult to obtain due to recent immigration restrictions because of the COVID-19 disaster.

Since 2021, OHYAMA has been distributing these items through authorized channels with Unilever through our group company, International Cosmetics Inc.

We deliver them at reasonable price, so we believe it is helping to create a cosmetic experience that transcends national borders.
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