Long-Time Sellers

Trusted merchandise of universality and timeless

If you heard the word “long-time seller”, you may take somehow old-fashioned image.

But it is not limited to cosmetics, the essence of “long-time seller” products is timeless universality, and it has established itself as a part of the life scene.

“Long-time seller” products are stable in both results, the number of stores and sales volume.

It is based on distribution of national and broad customer regardless of age or gender. In addition, secure feeling, reliability of the brand.

Generally, life cycle of cosmetic product is not so long, there are not many products continue to be sold for more than 10 years.

It is not a rare case that the product which targeted on wholly new customer has been launched as a variation, using the name of the long-time seller brand.

So it is the category that brings a stable profits without influences by the fashion or trend.


My mother is “KARREN”, born in 1933.
Spred to the world from Roppongi, Tokyo.
It’s indispensable to make eye zone beauty.

H.B.A. Enzymatic Body Wash

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Hechima Cologne®

Hechima Cologne®
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