H.B.A. Enzymatic Body Wash

Clean & Smooth Feeling with Enzymatic Power
Long-Time Bady Wash made by Unique Technology


About this Brand

Enzyme is popular ingredient in cosmetic industry, it is formulated mainly into the face wash powder.

For example, “Uguisu no Fun” (Powder of the bush warbier) used for face wash powder and stain remover from the Edo period, also contains enzyme. Unique and refreshed feeling after wasing have loved for a long time.

So it is very natural to wish,

“If I’ll wash not only face but also every part of the body by enzymatic material, how comfortable I must be !”

If you want to wash the face, it need about only a teaspoon enzyme powder, but it is not realistic to whip enzyme powder in large quantities for wasing the whole body.

Liquid body wash became common among the public in the early1990s. The background of that fact, many people enjoy the convenience and smooth feeling of liquid body wash.

Altough the main ingredient of body wash is water. When enzyme meet the water in the bottle, it will lose the activity in a few hours. Of course, we have to keep avoid the bath room moisture, so we expected it is difficult technology to realize enzymatic body wash.

To our surprise, OEM company of this brand, Kansai-Koso Co, Ltd. had solved this problem easily. They have original microcapsule technology to shut out the water.

When used, the microcapsules will break and included enzyme meet the water in body wash ingredients and be activeted. Enzyme resolves sebum and protein dirt without hard scrubing by towel, gentleness for skin is the greatest merit.

After used, enzyme will stay in the bathroom and resolves the dirt of bathtub and bath goods such as washbowl. So subsidiary merit is easy to keep cleanliness, many consumer realize that.

The nano or microcapsule technology including functional ingredients is not so special in the high-grade cosmetic industry because it will be permissible expensive price. But it is rare case in the toiletries categoly such as body wash. (*)

Would you like to hear more about advanced vision of “H.B.A.” ? I’m sure the answer will must be “No”, because we launched it more than 20 years ago.

* After 2013, body wash contains microcapsule fragrance had been launched from some brands.

[Heritage] H.B.A. Enzymatic Body Wash


  • 1994 : H.B.A. Salty Body Wash
  • 1996 : Chlorophyl VC Body Wash
  • 1997 : Body Wash with Dirt-off Enzyme
  • 2004 : Medicated Body Wash
  • 2005 : Body Wash with Dirt-off Enzyme (improved)
  • 2008 : Medicated Body Wash for Men
  • 2012 : Body Wash with Enzyme and Ginger
  • 2016 : Medicated Body Wash (10% increased Limited Bottle)

Added Value

n 1994, OHYAMA launched “H.B.A. Salty Body Wash” as the first product of “H.B.A. Enzymatic Body Wash” brand.

It is over 20 years since that, this brand grow up with two excellent products have the advantage for both consumers and retailers.

The advantage for consumers is described above, “When used” and “After used” sentence. And the advantage for retailers will contribute to obtain a profit because it doesn’t need discount price in the usual.

In recent years, “hair care individualism” is growing under the same roof. It means every person in the family use different favorite hair care product.

But body wash has a tendency to be shared by everybody, and its consumption is larger than hair care products. In addition, many manufacturer put quantity before quality with intention to be sold bargain price.

We thought there is a certain market in high quality body wash even if it is pretty high price, of course body wash is daily product for family.

In 2004, we launched “Medicated Body Wash” as auasi-drug, it contains not only enzyme also sterilizing ingredient to give the more function, deodorant and acne care.

After that, we launched “Medicated Body Wash for Men” with masculine-looking black bottle and gentle floral fragrance as the sister product. Its unique name in Japanese (means “Body Wash for Good-Looking Guy”) gain a good reputation.

As many consumers realize its effect, sales result of two kinds of “Medicated Body Wash” has been steady increased year by year.

It will certain to energize the bath and toiletries category at regular price. Thank you.

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