Beauty and Health to All People
Message from OHYAMA

For people to live, it is very natural to pursue beauty and health.

With the advance of dwindling birthrate and aging society, the desire becomes higher and demand for cosmetic products becomes more sophisticated.

And with the evolution of information technology, the number of consumers who follows borderless purchasing behaviors regardless of the traditional sales channel such as counseling, self-selection, mail order, or does not express preference in one brand or manufacturer is rising steadily.

The environment that surrounds the Japanese cosmetics industry has changed dramatically in the past 10 years.

April 2005, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan was revised, and the cosmetic industry becomes required to have advanced expertise and highly disciplined standard in the area of corporate compliance.

The position of OHYAMA inside the cosmetics industry is “adding value company”. So We are giving high value to the cosmetic products in “Self-selection” segment which was once called “Cheap Cosmetics” with our original “consumer perspective”.

To maintain the position, we have excellent business resources in the area of distribution chain, information system, and most importantly manpower. So we have been able to collaborate extensively with our clients and partners for the most effective result.

– Beauty and Health to All People

Although the times change, OHYAMA’s philosophy does not change.