OHYAMA was founded in 1921,
well known long-established business
in the Japanese cosmetic industry.

The root of OHYAMA goes back to 1921 when “Ohyama Yujiro Shouten” was founded.

In the beginning the main selection of products consisted of commodities such as domestic soap and toothpaste. As the cosmetic market matured, we have stared to develop exclusive products such as “Hechima Cologne”.

Also, an import company was formed for forward-thinking consumer whose interest was in foreign products.

We have been the official dealer in Japan for numerous foreign cosmetic products mainly from Europe and U.S. and have been a leader in the import business within the cosmetic industry.

Corporate Profile

  • Company Name : OHYAMA Company, Ltd.
  • Head Office : 6F 1-9-12 Nihombashi, Hamacho,
    Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8466 JAPAN
  • Phone. : +81-3-6858-3947 (The Pilot Number)
  • FAX : +81-3-6858-3942


  • Established : Nobember 1st, 1949
  • Capital : 57 millions JPY
  • Number of Full Time Employees : 158
  • Annual Sales : 26.3 billions JPY (Aug. 2020)
  • C.E.O. : Hiraki Masato
  • Business Categories : Distribution of makeup and skin-care products,
    toiletries, and beauty or healthy goods.
  • Branch Offices : Sapporo, Sendai, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyushu, and Okayama
  • Main Bank : MUFG Bank,Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui banking Corporation, Mizuho Bank,Ltd., Kiraboshi Bank,Ltd., The Chiba Bank,Ltd.
  • Main Supplier : HECHIMA COLOGNE Co.,Ltd., KOSE COSMEPORT Corp., imju Corporation, Cogit Co.,Ltd., NEXANS, and so on.

Corporate History

  • 2016 : OAT Holdings was founded to strengthen the bond with group companies.
  • 2015 : We established “SIAM OHYAMA” in Bangkok for realization of smooth product supply to Thailand.
  • 2010 : With the improving business performance and to prepare for business expansion, head office was relocated to Nihombashi Hamacho.
  • 2003 : Head office had been relocated to Nihombashi Hisamatsucho. In order to build more product expertise, business restructure is performed.
  • 1992 : Establish the new corporate philosophy, and change the symbol mark for Corporate Identity.
  • 1991 : Expansion of Saitama Distribution Center. Digital picking system is installed.
  • 1990 : Main office is relocated and integrated. Product information brochure “OHYAMA” is published.
  • 1985 : The online network between head office and each distribution center had been completed with the new introduction of IBM mainframes.
  • 1984 : Saitama Distribution Center (current FIT Express) is completed.
  • 1982 : Declared to be a “Value-Added Distribution Operation”. Numerous original products mainly imported cosmetics are developed.
  • 1980 : With an opportunity to became a general of “GIVENCHY” brand perfume in Japan, OHYAMA International Products (OIP) had been founded for introduction and promotion of overseas product.
  • 1976 : In order to respond to the rapid expansion of the product line, the full-scale sales management and distribution system with EDP (Electronic Data Processing) had been introduced.
  • 1975 : 8 divisions, 18 sections, and 5 delivery centers with the board of direcors system organized with the significant reorganization.
  • 1972 : OHYAMA Held the 50th anniversary celebration ceremony, which has been postponed one year because of the bad physical condition of Yujiro. However, November 5th, only 4 days after the ceremony, Ohyama Yujiro passed away at the age of 73.
  • 1971 : Handling items had been over more than 5,000, and annual sales reached 5 billion yen. OHYAMA tried one after another to new business such as to publish the retail information tabloid newspaper “OHYAMA Marketing Report”, to open the showroom, and to establish the retail store “Marinetta”.
  • 1970 : Due to trade liberalization, market entry of foreign products became active. OHYAMA supported the entry of a wide variety of brands to Japanese market such as BOURJOIS, Guerlain, YSL, Dior, GIVENCHY, YARDLEY, and dunhil.
  • 1969 : With the completion of new headquarter building, company name changed to OHYAMA Company, Ltd.
  • 1967 : Opened Nakasu Delivery Center, to streamline distribution system.
  • 1958 : Ohyama Yujiro assumed the chief director of Tokyo Cosmetic and Toothpaste Wholesalers’ Society.
  • 1949 : Organizational change form “Ohyama Yujiro Shouten” to “Ohyama Shouten”.
  • 1945 : Affected by the Great Tokyo Air Raid. But Yujiro resumed business on the street in front of underground air-raid shelter soon.
  • 1941 : Ohyama Toshio assumed a representative director of the president in 38 years old. Yujiro became a chairman.
  • 1938 : With the transition to a wartime economic system, cosmetics were mentioned as luxuries and the excise had been taxed 10 percent for shipments.
  • 1934 : Ohyama Yujiro relocated to Nihonbashi Tachibana-cho (Current Higashi Nihombashi) Joined Tokyo Cosmetics Wholesale Research Committee.
  • 1933 : Department store is a new business category at the time. However, they had perfomed extreme discount of clothing and daily necessities, and too many wholesalers went bankrupt. OHYAMA has come through the crisis with “high value added products” as own managing policy, never follow the discount.
  • 1923 : September 1st, the Great Kanto Earthquake occured. Unfortunately, the store of Nihombashi Hamacho was burned to the ground.
  • 1921 : “Ohyama Yujiro Store” founded by Ohyama Yujiro.

Our Founder - Ohyama Yujiro
Our Founder – Ohyama Yujiro