Propose & Inform

Proposed “Value-Added” merchandise
are shared timely through our network.

Leading sales items of OHYAMA’s ISM* and ISP* are very attracted cosmetics, have understandable quality and appeal even if customers familiar with cosmetics saw.

Recently, there is a strong tendency for one article of hit product to lead the overall market, and to create new consumption trend. And after a while, the other company follow it as an example.

There are the customers, very busy but smart. They are sifting through the abundant information while looking for the necessary product for them.

There are the customers as an opinion leader. They always get topical products faster than anyone, and spread it to friends and acquaintances.

And there are the customers with a lot of activity. They have extremely large circles of acquaintances regardless of on work or private.

Consumer purchasing behavior is different depending on the type of the person mentioned above.

In the past, marketing and product development was a manufacturer-driven.

But in these days of “Digital Native” generation prossess purchasing power and ability to gather information efficiently from the Internet, “consumer perspective” meaning new sense of values is required for it.

Our core competence “OHYAMA originals” brings uniqueness to the various type of stores.

We will explain the method of propose and inform OHYAMA has been practiced for many years towards the retailers as our main customer.

It starts from development and import consists of a process leading to the distribution and marketing cycle.

Store Merchandising example (in bath)
*ISM = In Store Merchandising : Activities for analyzing scientific, statistically product display, over-the-counter assortment for maximize revenue.
*ISP = In Store Promotion : The sales promotion activities in the store. It is broadly divided into non-price-driven and price-driven, OHYAMA operates latter basically.

Propose & Inform

Buying motives from consumers will increase just from the atmosphere of the store, and can create new demands at a very appealing stores.

But self-selected products where there are no personal counseling is conducted towards the consumer, it is very important to bring out each product’s characteristic and value so marketing skills that connect the stores to product is required.

In order to grasp the attention of the consumers in their busy lives, spot layout and corner layout proposals becomes a key.

Although we think by retail-side, that there are some differences in the policy of the of shop concept and assortment policy, OHYAMA will produce more attractive retail field with the three methods below.

Regular Assortment for the individual stores

[ELLE girl] Regular Assortment
Regular Assortment in retail stores, is an important element to improve the efficiency and convenience of shopping, and provide necessities speedy for comsumers.

OHYAMA will help to further enhance the profitability and differentiate from other stores with ISM based on the accumulated own know-how by retailers and also with highly unique “OHYAMA original” products.

[Photo] “ELLE girl” Wall display example using the cassette furniture.

In Store Promotion maximizing store space

[SQC-EX] Promotion display
In order to grasp the attention of the consumers in their busy lives, spot layout and corner layout proposals becomes a key. There will be value added to store displays that is easy to understand at first glance.

OHYAMA will help to get consumer’s attention with various suggestions the ISP with selected products match the topical material and the popular keyword.

[Photo] “SQC-EX” display example using the the promotional display and wide panel.

Support the new store opening or renovation

[dodo] Steam Cream Special Display
New shop opening and renewal are topically. It is the largest investment for attracting customers.

OHYAMA will help to increase the efficiency to attract customers by concentration of our resources, such as planning, sales promotion, popular products and manpower that will be commensurate with your investment.

[Photo] “dodo” steam cream promotion using the special furniture, and sales support staff enter the shop.

There will be value added to store displays that is easy to understand at first glance.

As we are known to be the “Value-Added Distributor” in the industry, we will be able to help the storefronts with providing sales floor proposals, advertisement, popular products, manpower, and increase ability to pull in more customers.

And most importantly, the information obtained by the proposed sales floor will be utilized in future projects.

Our staff can connect to our in-house computer network and access extensive data that includes sales performance, inventory information, and visual data such as pictures from storefront promotion.

The environment to manipulate information beyond the constraints of time and space. It is an essential infrastructure in the modern business to progress in real time.

Product Development and Launch Cycle