The brand-new “Zero Frizz®” will be relaunched soon !

Zero Frizz® (2014)
“Zero Frizz®” is the long-time seller hair care series focus on the major hair trouble “Frizz”.

It will be relaunched into Japanese market with brand-new design !

We prepare 3 items, the soft and light feeling hair shiner “Glossing Spray” made by non-silicone formula, and 2 types of new out-of-bath treatment “Corrective Hair Serum” for various type of hair conditions and damages.

If you use “Zero Frizz®” after daily shampoo, hair trouble such as frizz, wave, dryness, split and breakage will be reset to Zero. And the long distance to beautiful shiny hair will be shortened to Zero, too !

Altough the yen has been weak against the dollar for the past several weeks, we keep the same price as older items by corporate efforts.

Launch schedule will be the end of November to the beginning of the December, 2014.

Please look forward to try them. Thank you.

Catalog Image

Zero Frizz® (2014) catalog (in Japanese)